Software Asset Management

Rock IT Group provides effective software asset management solutions to help you and your organisation take control of your IT assets and maintain compliance.  Our range of services and tools will assist you in finding out what hardware and software you have, establishing what software you are entitled to use and how to rectify any discrepancies between the two. In parallel, we can guide you through implementation of best practice policies and processes to help you maintain license compliance and provide a raft of other benefits:

• Maximise use of existing assets – when you know exactly what assets you have available, you can make more efficient use of them
• Avoid over/under purchasing of software licenses
• Centralised licensing management allows you to negotiate volume discounts, keep your maintenance renewals up to date to avoid risks associated with out of date software
• Re-use of retired assetsMost organisations are now very familiar with the vendor audits practiced by major publishers such as Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, IBM etc. – many to their cost. However, software asset management is not just about meeting the needs of a vendor audit. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) defines SAM as  “…all of the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets…throughout all stages of their lifecycle.” In plain English this means a series of steps to implement a SAM plan which will:
• Avoid the pain of vendor audits, by having installed software and license evidence data at your fingertips
• Establish exactly what software and hardware is in use in your organisation
• Record what software licenses you are entitled to
• Enable you to compare the inventory data with license entitlement evidence
• Introduce robust SAM policies and processes into your every day business operations

A successful SAM implementation brings with it many business benefits over and above the ability to satisfy vendor audits, enabling you to turn what many consider to be a fire-fighting exercise into genuine business advantage. The benefits include areas that are probably already high on your list of priorities:

• Increased data security
• Improved workflow and efficiency
• Financial controls and budgetary planning
• Maximised use of investments – buy only what you need/use
• Save money – ability to negotiate better volume licensing deals from a position of strength

No matter how far you are on the road to a successful SAM programme, Rock IT Group can provide you with the support and advice to make it work for you. We offer a variety of services and associated tools and our advice on business processes is based around recognised Best Practice guidelines published by ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)