Manage and View you support requests

In order to provide a complete and proactive services Rock IT has implemented a new Remote Monitoring (RMM) platform that is a complete all-in-one solution that helps our support engineers monitor, manage and maintain IT operations.

A software agent is deployed on customer hardware to allow end users to raise tickets, include screenshots, and chat directly with our skilled support engineers.

Customers can also choose the option of proactive monitoring of IT equipment from servers to work stations allowing our support and account management staff to spot issues before you do, discuss options to resolve hardware issues, and provide reports

Access can also be provided to allow customers to review and update all of their tickets via the web based portal.

For more information on the portal click here

Monitor server events in real time, automate patches, and assign maintenance windows and more.

Completely scan and audit remote laptops, desktops, servers and virtual machines. You’ll receive feedback on what’s running on the device and what’s causing problems.

Monitor, diagnose and react to event log entries in real time. A simple and effective way to trap system events and automatically create tickets and remedy problems.