Always on – always connected

Users need to be connected all the time and nothing less will do.

Remote working, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Cloud is putting greater demand on you (as an IT Manager) and network bandwidth as users expect fast, efficient access to your systems applications and cloud based solutions all the time. Lost time impacts your organisation’s bottom line, but inefficient connectivity can also damage employee and customer relations.

Numerous WAN connections to separate services such as voice, data and video can be expensive and difficult to manage. Yet, through provisioning of class of service, multiple WAN connections can be consolidated and bandwidth better utilised


• Reliability
• To optimise uptime and improve productivity
• Manageability
• Quick and easy to manage
• Saving
• Long-term cost saving
• Bandwidth
• High bandwidth low latency to flex with varying demands
• Automation
• Automated failover solutions increasing dependability
• Resilience
• To ensure your connection is always up and always on