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All businesses rely on information and many fail if they suddenly find themselves without it - and loss is always sudden and unexpected. Keeping a backup copy of all of the information on your central server is vital to the health of your business, but is only useful if you can guarantee to keep it secure.

Using tapes and taking them home in rotation may do that but people can forget and accidents generally only happen when a series of improbable events happen one after another.
Try our Secure Off-Site Backup service and remove your traditional backup headaches:
·         Simple low-cost setup
·         Monthly fees
·         Secure storage
·         Managed service
·         Smart copies
·         No hardware to purchase & manage
·         No tapes to damage or break
·         Fully automated
·         Continual data protection
·         Hassle-Free backup & recovery
The backup service is automated so it happens whenever you have asked for it to happen - but just to make sure, our support systems also monitor the backups so we can be certain that they happen when they are supposed to. We make sure we only take copies of the files that have changed, to keep the volume of traffic low so the backup happens quickly.
Almost everyone takes a daily backup - you'd be foolish not to but not many people check that the backup they take will get them working again in an emergency.

As part of our backup service we can also provide you with an annual test of your ability to restore the server in full from the data and applications, so you can be completely confident that your business can keep running, whatever the disaster.
What happens if I lose or delete a file?
No problem, your files are safely stored on internet and recovery is easy, you simply restore via the software agent installed your machine.
What happens if my machine is lost or stolen?
No problem, your files are recoverable via a web-portal – so your data is always securely accessible via you.
What happens if I have a major catastrophic failure?
No problem, your files can either be recovered via a web-portal or if it is a large amount of data (i.e. a server), this can be sent via courier on secure media or appliances to you within 24 hours.
If you are interested in securing your data, drop us an email or call us on 01635 567777 to find out why our Secure Off-site Backup will give you the data security and business continuity that you need.

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Page Last Updated 13/02/2013

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