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MessageLabs - The integrated solution to messaging and web security management

With the increase in electronic and web communications, have you asked yourself the following?

•    Is your business struggling with increasing Viruses, Spam and internet malware?

•    Are your users and IT personnel overstretched dealing with these threats?

•    Are your systems struggling to take the constant load of messaging and web threats?

Have you considered switching your businesses email and web scanning to Rock IT’s MessageLabs Service?

Why MessageLabs?

Electronic communications carry a host of threats that can harm efficiency, productivity and reputation. For instance, a single infected message or ‘bad’ email could compromise your entire network. Threats are also becoming increasingly better targeted at businesses of all types and sizes. MessageLabs hosted services are the most convenient and cost-effective way of reducing messaging and web-related risks. Because they are fully hosted, they help eliminate the need for you to keep investing in in-house expertise and infrastructure.

How MessageLabs Works

MessageLabs Email Protect & Control provided by Rock IT Group

Every day, MessageLabs services block millions of threats. Deriving vital intelligence from these operations, our services function within the fabric of the Internet to maintain the integrity of all your electronic communications. Our skilled team of client service managers, engineers and support specialists ensure you can exchange business information safely, seamlessly and without interruption. Moreover, our services are easy to set up and virtually maintenance-free.

What makes MessageLabs Different?

MessageLabs services provide better threat protection than any other messaging and web security vendor - backed by the strongest service level agreement (SLA) in the industry.  MessageLabs is unique in combining best-of-breed third-party offerings with patented Skeptic™ technology - proprietary heuristics that leverage grid computing power to process more than 6 billion emails and 1 billion web requests each day. Linking this knowledge with world-leading global infrastructure and unmatched ability to share data across email, web, and IM protocols, MessageLabs protect customers even as threats converge and grow in sophistication.

Choose your MessageLabs Services:

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam
  • Content Control
  • Image Control
  • Email Continuity
  • Email Encryption
  • Email Archiving
  • Web Security Services
  • Instant Messaging

If you are unsure as to how MessageLabs services could help you business speak to one of our MessageLabs specialists today on 01635 567777 or email us at sales@rockitg.com

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Rock IT Group are a MessageLabs Hosted Applications Provider

Page Last Updated 13/02/2013

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