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Are you using Outlook to send e-mails to a huge number of people? Stop. You'll rapidly cripple your office e-mail server, and you may set yourself up to be blocked as a 'spam' sender, which will stop you sending emails to anybody. We have a solution.

The "All-In-One" solution.
MailStudio includes everything that you need to run your email marketing campaigns - a list builder, subscription forms, autoresponders, newsletter editor, tracking, reports and more!

Advanced tracking and reporting.
MailStudio automatically tracks and reports how many subscribers open your emails, which links they click on, etc.

Guaranteed "clean" subscriber lists. MailStudio can automatically send out confirmation emails to adhere to double-optin standards, keeping your subscriber list free of errors and bad email addresses.

One-to-one personalisation. Create an unlimited amount of "custom fields" that your subscribers can fill out, such as first name, sex, salary, etc. You can then use these to personalize your emails, which has been proven to increase reader response rates by as much as 600%!

No up front costs. And as low as £0.01 per email!

And so much more... give us a call to find out more on 01635 567756 or e-mail us at sales@rockitg.com

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