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Software Asset Management

Rock IT Group provides effective software asset management solutions to help you and your organisation take control of your IT assets and maintain compliance. 

Our range of services and tools will assist you in finding out what hardware and software you have, establishing what software you are entitled to use and how to rectify any discrepancies between the two.

In parallel, we can guide you through implementation of best practice policies and processes to help you maintain license compliance and provide a raft of other benefits:

  • maximise use of existing assets - when you know exactly what assets you have available, you can make more efficient use of them 
  • avoid over/under purchasing of software licenses
  • centralised licensing management allows you to negotiate volume discounts, keep your maintenance renewals up to date to avoid risks associated with out of date software
  • re-use of retired assets
  • avoid the pain of vendor audits, by having installed software and license evidence data at your fingertips

Explore the links to the left for more information on just some of the services and tools we offer.

Call us today on 01635 567756 or email sales@rockitg.com to learn how we can help you find the right solution for your business.

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Page Last Updated 16/04/2013

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