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IT Solutions

As a company, it's very rare that you know exactly what pieces of equipment you need to do a job. You're not going to order an XYZ-WIZZYTHING-22 and set it up yourself.

What you do know is what you want to achieve. It's our job to work with you, and provide a solution for your needs - not just a set of boxes with flashing lights. This section includes just a few of the common solutions we provide for our clients, which may give you some ideas. However, please don't think this is all we do.

In the past we've had to provide internet connections to remote islands in the Carribean,
link computers in a garden shed to an office network,

and fit out a large sailing vessel with a server and set of workstations!
We've had all sorts!!

So, whatever the size of your problem, give us a call - we can help. 01635 567756 or e-mail us at sales@rockitg.com

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Page Last Updated 13/02/2013

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