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Events in recent years such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Haiti earthquake in 2010, have forced us to rethink what we consider critical infrastructure. As well as the devastating loss of human life, physical destruction and significant homlessness, these events brought about the loss of essential services, causing widespread problems with businesses and their staff and their ability to return to anything close to business-as-usual operations.

Almost all organisations — whether private or public sector — rely on some form of technology to manage the various parts of their operations. Disruption to the availability of any of these resources, if only for a few hours, can have serious consequences for their ability to function.

How an organisation responds to such threats during and after a crisis will determine whether they emerge on the other side intact.

Visit our dedicated backup/recovery microsite for information on our backup/recovery solutions based on Symantec's award winning Backup Exec - click here

What's a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A disaster recovery plan (DRP) — often referred to as a business continuity plan (BCP) — is a comprehensive set of measures and procedures put into place within an organisation to ensure that essential services are maintained or backed up by alternatives during various stages of a disaster. Let us help you plan - give us a call on 01635 567756 or e-mail us at sales@rockitg.com

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