Rock IT offer a full range of services so to ensure you stay connected with your users.

We offer:

  • Registeration of your domain name
  • Hosting of  your website
  • A full range of email hosting options to suit your needs
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What we do:

We reserve and register your chosen domain name with an official registry for .UK domain names for a minimum period of 1 year, and a maximum of 10 years

We host the domain on our servers

We will make reasonable changes as required by you the customer to that domain and the records within.

We are not a large scale domain registrant, we commonly register and maintain domains for our customers for services that we host or look after in some manner.

What we charge:

We charge a default £25.00 per annum for common domain extensions. This money is collected commonly via direct debit. Billing is by invoice at least a month in advance of the collection date We charge this on an ongoing basis, every year until we are asked to stop. Domain renewal is automatic unless we are asked to stop We do not charge for cancellation or transfer but we do not refund for any unused period or registration.