Business interruptions such as power outages, human error and system failures have become more commonplace. Having a business continuity plan in place can help you do more than just anticipate disaster, it can allow your business to keep moving forward despite these disruptions.

This is where we can help. After an initial consultation and understanding of your business we will work with you to define, design and implement a business continuity strategy that can be relied upon to:

• Reduce frequency and duration of downtime
• Protect revenues and market share
• Reduce cost and legal exposure due to missed SLA’s or regulatory compliance requirements
• Protect customer relationships and consumer confidence


• Reduce cost of disruptions
• The costs associated with a business suffering a disaster are well documented, putting a plan in place will protect your business
• Minimises service disruption should an incident occur
• Avoid unnecessary downtime to your business by putting in place a continuity plan should an unexpected incident arise
• Build customer confidence
• Build your customer’s confidence – knowing that you have the processes in place to mitigate disaster provides peace of mind for you and your customers
• Deliver a competitive advantage
• Stand out from your competition and follow best business practice by putting a comprehensive plan in place. Let Rock IT help you
• Disaster Recovery
• Rapid and reliable disaster and business recovery helps ensure minimal data loss and powerful remote management capabilities